SMILE GAME BUILDER is software to make RPGs for your PC.

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Without any drawing skills, you can easily make high quality RPGs!

Choose your main character from over 20 character designs.
From slimes to Dragons pick a monster from more than 45 at your disposal.
Pre-made 3D buildings and characters available for you to use!
Or just use your own drawings and 3D models.


SMILE GAME BUILDER makes creating 3D maps fun!
It's like a game in itself!

Point and click to easily add houses and trees to form your town.
Then, decorate by adding wooden boxes and fences!
The interior design of rooms are in 3D too! Make your room gorgeous with great looking 3D furniture!
Become a master 3D dungeon creator!
Choose from plenty of assets like trees, flowers, furniture and much much more!


Create your story or battle scenes all without a single line of code!

Easily create the characters and monsters of your game.
Put treasure boxes or trigger boss battles wherever you want!
Play your game as soon as you've finished making it!
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