SMILE GAME BUILDER application update information

Update Information (February 3, 2020)

February 3, 2020
Update Information

  • We've fixed an error: when changing a monster graphic in a created game file, an exception error may occur.

3D Model "Type B" Customized Version is available for free!

Now, this DLC resource pack is available. It contains preset 3D models in SMILE GAME BUILDER "Type B", which are customized to modern outfits, and two types of symbol models (4 colors each). The SMILE GAME BUILDER users can download it for free.

This resource pack is royalty-free and available for commercial or non-commercial use only within games rendered using SMILE GAME BUILDER, or both using SMILE GAME BUILDER and Exporter for Unity to build to other consoles. (Please read the SMILE GAME BUILDER EULA for details.)

Download Now!

January 29, 2020 updated

January 29, 2020 updated
Update Information
New Features
  • You can now set individual colors for battle damage values.
  • The speed can now be set in the "Camera Control" event panel.
  • The following camera switching key input values have been added to the operation of the "Advanced Variable Box Op." event panel.
        1; Switch Viewpoints
        2: Camera: Rotate Up
        3: Camera: Rotate Down
        4: Camera: Rotate Left
        5: Camera: Rotate Right
        6; Camera: Zoom In
        7: Camera: Zoom Out
        8: Camera: Reset
  • An event panel has been added that allows you to turn on/off the camera controls that occur during battles.
  • Added "Same effect as a skill" in character battle command settings.
  • When exporting a Unity project, an option to "use or not use the virtual controller" has been added.
  • The event panel, "Display Web Browser (Beta)", has been implemented.
Fixed Bugs
  • We've fixed an error: during a battle, an abnormal state could be cleared by the action of a battle event.
  • We've fixed an error: commands may not be able to be deleted if the branch end panel disappears in the branch system event panel
  • We've fixed an error: camera height is not working properly in battle events.
  • We've fixed an error: the cursor position stored in the previous battle is reset when the next battle occurs.
  • We've fixed an error: Now Loading string cannot be edited.

Update Information: December 13rd, 2019

Updated on December 13rd, 2019
Update Information

  • We've fixed an error: if a player character uses a skill which monster's attribute is "Heal", the monster will be damaged instead of healed.

Fixed bug in Unity Exporter

We've fixed an error: when Android is selected for the Build Platform and a build is executed, a compile error occurs.


Unity Exporter
  • The new feature, Save Data Manager, has been implemented: you can import save data of exported public game files from SMILE GAME BUILDER to Unity project game data. Please take a look at page 97 of the manual for operation method.

We've adjusted the Player Camera:
  • - The issue that the camera may not move smoothly when it is moved horizontally during movement has been improved.
  • - The camera left-right rotation speed has been doubled.


--- Fixed Bug ---

- We've fixed an error: an exception error occurs when assigning a skill that does not involve target selection such as attacking all enemies or recovering all allies to an item effect.



  • We've fixed an error: the battle effect is not drawn at the correct position while the "Display/Hide Battle Window" event panel is set to "Hide".
  • We've fixed an error: an exception error occurs when trying to set the main character's graphic to "None" or return from "None" during the battle.
  • We've fixed an error: during the battle, if the main character is in a poisoned state, an exception error will occur if the character is removed from the party.
  • We've fixed an error: an exception error occurs when trying to change the event graphic using 2D graphics with the animation type "Repeat" to "None".

SMILE GAME BUILDER has been updated to Version 1.12!

Updated on Nov 21, 2019
Update Information


New Features

  • - You can now create events that operate under specified conditions during battles. (Battle Events)
  • - You can change equipment forcibly. (Event Panel: Change Equipment)
  • - You can leave memos in event sheets. (Event Panel: Note)
  • - You can change battle damage formulas. (Weapons and Skills)
  • - You can call common events when characters use their skills.
  • - You can call common events when characters use items.
  • - You can change the window image in the battles.
  • - You can use 8 directions for 2D animation.
  • - You can edit colors, bold and italic for messages and dialogues.
  • - You can display strings as images on the screen.

Bug Fixes

  • - We’ve fixed an error: sometimes it doesn’t import FBX models properly, when you use the automatic optimize importing.
  • - We’ve fixed an error: even if you make items of "Recover from KO" and "Recover HP", you can not use it unless a member is in the state of KO.
  • - We’ve fixed an error: it does not remember the last skill used during the battle.
  • - We’ve fixed an error: if the data size of Data-pack exceeds 1GB, an exception error of “system out of memory exception” occurs when launching the “Export Public Game File”.
  • - We’ve fixed an error: an error occurs when pasting maps between projects with different terrain materials.
  • - We’ve fixed an error: some event panels are not completed when composing complex events.
  • - We’ve fixed an error: the images of the East and the West on the compass common event were opposite.

Update Information: January 23rd, 2019

Updated on January 23rd, 2019
Update Information

  • - We've fixed an error: it didn't work when you select "Leader Only" in Revive Setting of Game Over Setting.
  • - We've fixed an error: some GPUs make the editor terrain cursor shift/blink.
  • - We've fixed an error: when you use "Escape Loop" in multiple loops, it escapes after the next first "End Loop".
  • - We've fixed an error: some GPUs make a graphic left in the preview window, even if you delete a member in the "Starting Party".
  • - We've fixed an error: "Heal by x% of Magic Attack" didn't work properly on the field maps.
  • - We've fixed an error: in the English version, the sentence when an event template was switched into an advanced event is grammatically incorrect.
  • - We've fixed an error: a sample model, B3_Castle.fbx, is now FBX2014 Binary format.
  • - We've fixed an error: it gives you an error when you cancel the overwrite save in the 3D Character Editor.
  • - We've fixed an error: the "Monster Position" button in the event panel, "Place Battle", can be clicked even if the battle setting is the 2D battle system.
  • - We've fixed: if it fails to save the data during the saving process, you can choose to revive the last saved data.
  • - We've implemented: you can search event contents by text using "Event Search" window if you press Ctrl+F during the map editing.

Exporter for Unity 1.1.2
  • - We've fixed an error: an import error shows up when you import exported project data using Unity2017.2.
  • - We've fixed an error: an import error shows up when you import a model which contains more than 32 materials.
  • - We've fixed: now you cannot export Unity project data in the game file folder.
  • - We've fixed an error: if a model containing material animations is placed as an event, it doesn't animate properly.