SMILE GAME BUILDER application update information

About Bugs when game files using SMILE Characters are output to Unity

When a game file with SMILE Characters is exported to a Unity project, the models do not display properly. We apologize for the inconvenience and ask for your patience until the fix is complete.

May. 27,2022 updated

New Functions
- Added "Display Item Select Screen" event panel.

- Fixed a bug that caused an exception when trying to specify the destination for "Teleport Event" in Common Events.

- For normal attacks of monsters, it is now possible to specify the damage calculation formula.

Bug Fixes(Unity Expoter)
- Fixed a problem in Unity where 2D characters were not blinking during target selection when used as monsters.

- Improved the load on the update process of animated terrain (e.g., ocean, lava, etc.) when exported to Unity.

SMILE Characters Vol. 1 is now available!

SMILE Characters Vol. 1 is now available from today!
This is a 3D model resource pack of cute deformed characters created completely new by Last Smile.

[SMILE Characters Vol.1]
Fifty 3D models (9 variations of characters) + bonus

10 Hero models
10 Heroine models
26 people models
4 Evil models
9 variations of characters
Bonus data
Sample game "SMILE Character Quest

Human&Zombies Pack Update Information April 18,2022

<Human&Zombies Pack Modifications>
- Added human models that were not included.
(s_007 intentionally not included)

- In battles, if human models are given weapons, they should be able to hold them properly.
- The KO_blood motion was not bleeding, so it was modified to bleed (this motion does not work in Unity at this time).
- UV and texture correction of zombies
- Added run, attack, biting, agonizing, and scream motions to all zombie models

- Added zombie models for human models which did not have zombie models.

April. 18,2022 updated


New Functions
Update Information
- For the player and event teleport panels, the coordinates can now be specified with variable boxes.
- For the "Advanced Variable Box Operations" panel, it is now possible to get the current number of party members.
- Category names can now be renamed for terrains and objects in user materials. Note that renaming a category to the same name as another category will merge the two categories but will not separate them again.

- The time required for loading BGM, such as during encounters, has been improved to be very short.
- Fixed a bug that caused an exception when adding a "Rename Party Member" panel if the character's original name was longer than 8 characters.
- Fixed a bug that caused map objects with the "Billboard" checkbox checked to not work as billboards when made into events.
- Fixed a bug that caused defenses to not work on skills using damage calculation formulas.
- Fixed a bug that caused the event panel "Display/Hide Battle Window" not to work in 2D battles.
- Fixed a bug regarding the specification of "Turn 0" behavior of monsters, which did not consider MP outage even if the AI type was specified as "Wise".
- Fixed a bug that caused the HP and MP gauges to appear empty until the turn progressed when adding a party member to the party in a battle event.
- Fixed a bug that caused camera angles, etc. to be reset when entering a map if the "Disable Camera Switching" checkbox was checked on the map setting.
- Fixed a bug that sometimes-caused data saved using the "Display Save Screen" event panel while player operations were prohibited using the "Enable/Disable Player Control" event panel to not be able to be unprohibited.

Bug Fixes(Unity Expoter)
- Fixed a bug in Unity where the status UP/DOWN Emoticon was not displayed during battles.
- Fixed a bug that caused the motion of models included in the Human&Zombies Pack to not play in Unity.
- Fixed a bug in Unity that caused the sitdown motion of the TypeB character to appear slightly floating.

"Additional Terrain Pack" is available for free!

To celebrate the 5th anniversary of the release of SMILE GAME BUILDER, users have received the ”Additional Terrain Pack”, a terrain texture DLC. It is a small gift, but we hope you will make use of it.
Please check "Add Assets" > "DLC"tab.Enjoy!

"Human & Zombies Pack" is available for free!

For the Halloween Sale, the 3D model DLC "Human & Zombies Pack" has been distributed to all SMILE GAME BUILDER users. After launching the engine, go to Add Assets > DLC tab. Enjoy!

Mar. 2,2021 updated

Update Information

=== New Function ===
- Added 29 new 3D models for use in trap events.

=== Bug Fixes (SMILE GAME BUILDER) ===
- We've fixed an error: If you create a common event that transports the player to a different map, and then call it from another map event, the player may not be transported to the specified map correctly.
- When the character description section of the status window has more than three lines, the text has been modified to be displayed in a reduced size.
- We've fixed an error: If there are two or more "." (periods) in the name of the texture used in a 3D model, the texture will not import properly.
- We've fixed an error: The player may find that the magic status of weapons and armor is displayed at twice the set value.
- We've fixed an error: After selecting "Re-add System Resources" in the Add Assets window, an exception error occurs when the OK button is pressed without selecting any item.
- We've fixed an error: After the party is defeated, adding more members in a battle event will make it impossible to proceed.
- We've fixed an error: Even if a party member is removed from a common event during a battle, the command that was instructed first will still be effective.
- We've fixed an error: When using a battle event during a battle, an error occurs when trying to change the image of a character who is not participating in the battle.
- We've fixed an error: If HP or MP is 0, the command will not work correctly when using the event panel "Advanced Variable Box Op." to get a percentage of the value.

=== Bug Fixes (Exporter for Unity) ===
- When importing in Unity 2019 or later, the automatic deletion of incompatible objects error has been fixed.
- The custom importer settings have been fixed to be changed only in the \res folder.

How to display a character name using an assigned index

Character numbers in the database start at "001", but if you want to assign it as an index, it starts at "0". For example, the name of the first character would be specified as "\h[0]".
We would appreciate it if you would be aware of this matter before using this function.

Oct. 19,2020 updated

Update Information


New Functions

- In the event panel "Advanced Variable Box Op", a pulldown choice “nth in the Party” has been implemented. This will allow you to check for the presence of your player character on both normal maps and battles.

- In the event panel "Display Image", the magnification is now also applied to the preview.

- In the event panel “Advanced Variable Box Op", directional key repeat in the Key Input setting have been implemented. It returns a value of "1" while it is pressed, "2" the moment it is pressed, and "-1" the moment it is released. Repeat is a special input type that returns a value of 1 at the moment it is pressed and after 0.5 seconds or more from pressing it, and 0 at all other times. It is great to use if you want to create your own menu.

Bug Fixes
- We fixed an error: an error occurs when starting a battle test on the adding a new map window.

- We fixed an error: an error occurs if a specific symbol is used in the file name of the specified icon when exporting a public game.

- We fixed an error: when importing materials, an error occurs if the target file has already been deleted or renamed.

- We fixed an error: during a battle, the turn display effect drawn underneath the character is momentarily shifted.

- We fixed an error: in a common event, when the Event Panel, "Camera Control", is set to "0 seconds on the Camera Movement Time with Normal (Set center coordinate) ", the event is not executed as specified.

- When in text mode, the horizontal scroll bar is now displayed according to the indentation.

- Some characters in the event template and sample data have been changed. (The functions themselves are unchanged.)

- Now it is possible to import customized particle data in the editor.

- Now it is possible to export particle data with texture data from the editor.

- We fixed an error: when importing a 2D character with the same file name as a 3D model's texture data, the 2D character does not appear correctly.

- We fixed an error: in the event panel "Change Screen Color", when the opacity value is entered from the keyboard, the value is not applied unless the focus is manually removed.

- We fixed an error: the opening and closing of the image picker becomes slow when a large amount of custom image data is imported.

- We fixed an error: the black strip that appears in "Display Ticker Text" is displayed below an image.

- The event panel "Check Player Character" has been implemented. It can be used in both normal maps and battles.

- When launching the editor on 64-bit Windows, we improved it to increase the amount of available memory.