SMILE GAME BUILDER application update information

Update Information (January 31th, 2018)

Updated on January 31th, 2018
Bug Fix Information

  • Fixed the following bug. - When you import Unity project file with map names contain a space in the beginning/end, it might give you an error during the importing process.

Update Information (January 30th, 2018)

Updated on January 30th, 2018
Update Information

  • Skybox feature has been implemented in the map settings.
  • Skybox tab in the resource archives has been added and users' original materials can be imported.
  • Building light option has been added in the map settings.
  • The colors of lights option and the directions of shadows option have been added in the map settings.
  • During the game play, if the player chooses "Exit Game" in the menu, it returns to the title screen.

Exporter for Unity 1.1.0
  • The specification of "Divide Scenes for Each Map" feature has been changed.One map will be exported as a scene for Unity.
    The terrains and map objects will be placed in the scenes, so you can customize it with lighting effects, post effects and so on.
  • We've fixed an error: during battles, characters with abnormal state stand up just a second when they're attacked.

Update Information (January 12th, 2018)

Updated on January 12th, 2018
Update Information

  • We've fixed an error: during 2D battles, party members on the right side are not flipped horizontally.
  • We've fixed an error: when you convert the compass event into an advanced event, the name of the sheet was displayed in Japanese. (in English version only)
  • We've fixed an error: during playtests, when you try to return to the main menu by pressing Ctrl+C in the middle of 3D battles, the engine crashes.
  • We've fixed an error: when you create public games, some preset human models, Type B, were displayed in black.

Exporter for Unity 1.0.2
  • We've fixed an error: when an escape succeeds during 3D battles, party members' weapons and shields were left behind. (in Unity Project only)

Update Information Exporter for Unity 5.6 ver.1.0.1 (December 28th, 2017)

- We've fixed an error: the model scale was not the same between SMILE GAME BUILDER and Unity.

- We've fixed an error: when you convert it for smart phone, BGM loop sometimes doesn't play smoothly.

- We've improved an operation of when you repeat a sound effect in short intervals.

- We've fixed an error: when the start event was set to "When making contact with player" and also the control setting is free movement, some events don't work properly.

- We've fixed an error: when the player and an event overlap each other during free movement, the player cannot move.

- We've fixed an error: sometimes the motions of users' own materials are not applied properly.

Update Information 1.9.1 (December 28th, 2017)

- We've fixed an error: when you open your saved game files with the language setting other than Japanese at the configuration, some wording in the games are replaced with English.

- We've fixed an error: when you use WAV format for BGM instead of OGG format, it sometimes freezes while loop playing.

- We've fixed an error: when you export your project file using Unity Exporter to the same folder continuously, it deletes added users' materials in the project file.

- We've fixed an error: when you place a stairs block and a map object with "Allow Underpass" next each other, sometimes the player cannot go up/down the stairs.

“SMILE GAME BUILDER Exporter for Unity 5.6”, is on sale!

This product is a feature expansion DLC for "SMILE GAME BUILDER", game development software for Windows. With this product, you will be able to convert your game files into version 5.6 “Unity” projects.
If you have Unity installed in advance, you don’t need to make any tweaks to open it on Unity after conversion and you can customize your games with Unity’s powerful graphic features. You can publish your games to various platforms which Unity supports like iOS and Android for smart phones, MacOS, Linux, major game consoles and so on.

↑A screenshot in the editor of SMILE GAME BUILDER (Using a free game, “Blight Dream”)

↑After Unity conversion, “Post Processing Stack” of Unity’s effect asset was used and also added image effects like Anti-Aliasing, Depth of Field and other. You can see the difference between them right away.

↑You can edit the source code of the exported game on Unity directly. It’ll be a possibility that you can create a base of your game on SMILE GAME BUILDER and spice it up on Unity. (*We are planning to release game engine source in Unity project to be open source. )

Update Information (December 19th, 2017)

----- New Features -----
When you import FBX, the following process will be executed;
- Skin Weight Normalization
- Polygon Triangulation
- Apply Scaling
- Convert old FBX format to FBX7.4

We implement the "Common Events" feature which you can use from every map.

We implement "Grouping" feature for map objects.
When you rotate a grouped map object, it rotated each place, but now it can keep the relative position and rotate around the center point of the group.

You can select map objects or events by using Ctrl+left-click.

You can copy & paste map objects and events all together.

You can choose "Free Movement" when it's in the third-person view mode.

-----Bug Fixes-----
If you choose "Use the Standard Fonts" and there is "font.ttf" in the game file folder, it'll use it to display letters.

We've fixed an error: you cannot change the wording "New Game" and "Continue" on the title screen in localize tool.

We've fixed an error: when a character attacks one of the party members with an instant-death effect weapon, the character will be knocked out but its HP will not be 0.

We've fixed an error: when party members attack with weapons which give abnormal condition such as charm, confusion, sleep and so on, its state will recover quickly.

We've fixed an error: the given percentage of abnormal condition with weapons which have an attack element is based on accuracy, not elemental attack power.

We've fixed an error: in the event panel, "Change Player Movement Speed" won't execute until the event is completed.

You can assign coordinate values by variables using event panels: "Display Image" and "Move Displayed Image".

Bug Fix

"SMILE GAME BUILDER Exporter for Unity 5.6" will be released in this winter!

You can make smart phone and game console apps with this a long-awaited add-on DLC, "SMILE GAME BUILDER Exporter for Unity 5.6", which will be released in this winter!

For details, please read here.

Description Video

Test Smartphone App
[iOS] https://itunes.apple.com/jp/app/id1315529021

[Android] https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.smileboom.grandboom&hl=af

Update Information (October 27th 2017)

You can export DLC's 3D model.(※Some exceptions are excluded. )
Please follow the EULA of each DLC's as to how to use the data.

The following bugs have been fixed and updated to

- When you edit “Display Selection” event panels or event templates which were placed in the editor of the previous version 1.7 or older, an error shows up.
- When you save/load your game files with an exceeding total value of 0~9999 in Edit Game Data > Item > Weapons/Armor > Stat Modification, the values don’t display properly.
- When you use 3D Character Editor DLC to make a character with "c_023a_hair", its weapon and armor don’t display during the battles.
- When you have users’ original assets with “Read-Only” files, the process of making “Public Game Data” doesn’t work properly.
- Under specific condition, obtained information of items which were dropped by monsters doesn’t update well and the engine crushes because of it.
- The defense values of weapons don’t show up properly in the editor.

- We’ve added 56 new 3D character assets for presets.
- We’ve added new textures for 3D Character Editor.
- We’ve added new Halloween map objects.

Thank you for your patience and using SMILE GAME BUILDER!