SMILE GAME BUILDER application update information

"SMILE GAME BUILDER Exporter for Unity 5.6" will be released in this winter!

You can make smart phone and game console apps with this a long-awaited add-on DLC, "SMILE GAME BUILDER Exporter for Unity 5.6", which will be released in this winter!

For details, please read here.

Description Video

Test Smartphone App
[iOS] https://itunes.apple.com/jp/app/id1315529021

[Android] https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.smileboom.grandboom&hl=af

Update Information (October 27th 2017)

You can export DLC's 3D model.(※Some exceptions are excluded. )
Please follow the EULA of each DLC's as to how to use the data.

The following bugs have been fixed and updated to

- When you edit “Display Selection” event panels or event templates which were placed in the editor of the previous version 1.7 or older, an error shows up.
- When you save/load your game files with an exceeding total value of 0~9999 in Edit Game Data > Item > Weapons/Armor > Stat Modification, the values don’t display properly.
- When you use 3D Character Editor DLC to make a character with "c_023a_hair", its weapon and armor don’t display during the battles.
- When you have users’ original assets with “Read-Only” files, the process of making “Public Game Data” doesn’t work properly.
- Under specific condition, obtained information of items which were dropped by monsters doesn’t update well and the engine crushes because of it.
- The defense values of weapons don’t show up properly in the editor.

- We’ve added 56 new 3D character assets for presets.
- We’ve added new textures for 3D Character Editor.
- We’ve added new Halloween map objects.

Thank you for your patience and using SMILE GAME BUILDER!

SMILE GAME BUILDER has a new price from Sep. 8th, 2017

We sincerely would like to give our gratitude for your support and SMILE GAME BUILDER which was released for future creators is now welcoming the first anniversary since its release.
We're aiming for continuous usage of this software worldwide; the standardized price of the engine has been revised from $79.99 USD to $69.99 USD!
Moreover, three download contents are from $19.99 USD to $9.99 USD.

Update Information (August 10th, 2017)

Updated on August 10th, 2017
Update Information
  • We proudly release a new feature DLC of "3D Character Editor". As we stated on our June 23rd press release, we would like to give this feature free of charge to the users who have purchased SMILE GAME BUILDER before the Steam Summer Sale.
  • We release a new feature, "2D Effect Tool".
  • 3D models made with MQO format can be imported. (Beta Version)
  • The main interface of SMILE GAME BUILDER can be edited with an external file. The text will be unofficial, but this feature can lead the user-interface to be multi-language.
  • In "Edit Game Data" > "Game Terminology", some uneditable words within the games can be edited from now on.
  • We add a new command, "Ban Player to Run".
  • We add a new command, "Change the Player’s Movement Speed".
  • You can change the display position of choice windows for shops, inns and choices from the event panels.

DLC:A Healer Only Lives Twice Character Resource Pack" is now on sale!

"A Healer Only Lives Twice Character Resource Pack" is now on sale! This DLC contains a total of 95 models: original 48 unique and cute characters from “A Healer Only Lives Twice” (26 models + 22 color variations) and additional 45 color variations and also 2 main characters, a knight and a priest. The exact motions from the original game, “A Healer Only Lives Twice”, were implemented to these models, so after purchasing it, you can create dynamic 3D battles and wonderful scenes right away.


These contents can be distributed royalty-free regardless of commercial or noncommercial use only when used for games created with SMILE GAME BUILDER. Updated Information(July 10th, 2017)

Updated: July 10th, 2017
Update Information
  • The terrain height level limit will be updated from 10 to maximum 20.
  • The widely used OBJ format for many 3D software can be imported into the engine.The OBJ format importing feature is Beta version for now, so the models might not be displayed properly.

an experiment to import 3D model of OBJ format

Check out this video!! 😁
YouTube Channel

We’re experimenting with loading OBJ format model into SMILE GAME BUILDER. In the video, we use MagicaVoxel for an example. If you export your creations with OBJ format, it can import them right away!
The following images are also an experiment of OBJ format into the engine. Metasequoia (3D software) can export OBJ, so we use their characters for an example. You can make many non-animated models like buildings and objects using this format!