SMILE GAME BUILDER ver.1.11 now available

Update Information

The following list is new features updated for Ver.1.11.

  1. Party Train and Party Train Order Closer Look
  2. Monster Spawn Regions
  3. Moving Range of NPC
  4. Number of Item Slots and Maximum Quantity for Each Item
  5. Game Over Setting Closer Look
  6. Text Input Closer Look
  7. Display/Control String Variables Closer Look
  8. Loop in Events
  9. Re-design Event Panels
  10. Additional FPS Sample Game

Closer Look

We’ll introduce several features in details.

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Party Train, Text Input, String Variables

In Ver.1.11, party members can follow the leader to form the Party Train, Text Input and String Variables are implemented.

Game Over Setting

Until now, when the party was defeated in event battles, Game Over was compulsory. However, you can select options from the event panel of Ver.1.11.

Simple Escape Game

SGB Quest and The Story of Grand Boom Kingdom are sample templates. For Ver.1.11, we prepared a new FPS mode sample game for you to give some ideas.

Users’ Games

These are games made by SMILE GAME BUILDER users.

Visit this page for more users’ games.

Tensei Story

Snufkin Papa


At the beginning, you might think this is an ordinary RPG based on Norse mythology, but there are some fun mini games of action, puzzles, chicken race and more. It has an original battle system called “Select Encounter” which you can choose whether have a battle or not freely.

The visual of this game has been upgraded by Unity using SMILE GAME BUILDER expanded DLC “Exporter for Unity”.

*This game is only in Japanese

Summer Spice Summoner



The main character is a female apprentice summoner. One fine day in summer, she was summoned with her partner pet, a softy-weird creature “Bunyan”, in hell. This place where her partner pet, Nyao’s home land! Use “Spice” power to summon handsome guys and restrain those Bunyan which go berserk from an illness. And let’s enjoy a wonderful summer vacation with friends!

*This game is only in Japanese

Blight Dream

Kanawo (Translation: vgperson)


The main character, Michiru ORIHARA, is a girl who has memory disorder and she can only remember a day. She writes her everyday life in her “Memory Notebook” to remind her past for herself.However, she suffers memory flashbacks and her only family/brother, Yu ORIHARA’s threating behavior.
Michiru tries to search their home behind her brother’s back to seek the hidden truth.
It’s a 3D horror exploration adventure game which takes place several years after the brilliant free game, “Blank Dream”.


Without any drawing or modeling skills, you can easily make high quality RPGs!

You can use preset materials right away into your games. And they can be exported and customized however you like! There are many pre-made 3D buildings and characters available for you to use. From slimes to Dragons, pick a monster from more than 45 at your disposal. Of course, you can import your original illustrations and 3D models.

Creating 3D maps like a game in itself!

You don’t need any knowledge of modeling. Draw and design the ground with your mouse, and then put houses and trees. Voilà! You can have a stage of your game.

No single line of code is required to create various events to make your story more exciting!

Characters and monsters can be created very quickly. You can combine commands, “Event Panels”, to make game system and your story.

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