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  • The Story of Grand Boom Kingdom Project File

The Story of Grand Boom Kingdom Project File

This project file, The Story of Grand Boom Kingdom, will be automatically updated on Steam. After the update is finished, you can choose it from “Sample Game” under “New Game”.
Moreover, it can be modified and re-edited on the Editor. So, you can check every map that you see in the Playtest Mode.

About Usage of This Project File

  • This project file can be used for free of charge.
  • However, we strictly prohibit using this story or concept for purposes other rather than in SMILE GAME BUILDER.
  • You can use and modify the content of this file (maps, events, data of the items and monsters, the characters’ settings, story and etc.) for your game creations within SMILE GAME BUILDER.
  • Your game creations based on this file, including derivative works, can be released and distributed to the public.
  • It is not necessary to ask and contact to us for our consent.