The following are some support infomation about SMILE GAME BUILDER and RPG Developer Bakin.


About System Environment

What is required system environment?

Please take a look at this page for detailed information.

Can I use it for Mac? Are you planning to release Mac version?

It’s currently for Windows only. And we’re still in discussion about that topic.

Can I use it in virtual environment?

We don’t guarantee it to operate in virtual environment.

When I tried to launch SMILE GAME BUILDER, a message showed up.
“The application didn’t launch properly. It requires the GPU which corresponds to OpenGL3.0 or above to execute this application.”

Your computer might not be fulfilled the required condition to run SMILE GAME BUILDER.
Please check about required system environment on this page.

Your computer needs to correspond to OpenGL 3.0 or above to run SMILE GAME BUILDER.

GPU is a function (graphic card and such) that could display 3D data on your PC.
Sometimes CPU contains a function of GPC for some laptop PCs.
It might improve the situation if you update a driver for GPU.
However, a method of updating its driver is different from manufactures, so if you’d like to try it, please contact the manufacture of your PC.

About SMILE GAME BUILDER might not work properly under some certain Windows themes.

There are some possibilities of that SMILE GAME BUILDER will not be displayed correctly and Windows Aero will not be working properly when Windows themes were set as these on the list below.
If SMILE GAME BUILDER doesn’t work right, please change your Windows theme to different ones rather than ones on the list.

[ Windows7 ]
Themes which cannot display 3D preview properly:
・Windows7 Basic
・Windows Classic
・High-Contrast #1
・High-Contrast #2
・High-Contrast Black
・High-Contrast White

[ Windows8.1 and Windows10 ]
Themes which cannot display 3D preview properly:
・High-Contrast #1
・High-Contrast #2
・High-Contrast Black
・High-Contrast White

About Functions

Can I make an application for mobile devices?

It can create games for Windows for now.

Can I customize game engine by programming?

It doesn’t support any scripting and/or programming languages to customize it.

About Each Type of Materials

Can I use my original 3D models, 2D graphics and sound files?

Yes, you can import own materials into SMILE GAME BUILDER.
For more information, please read this data specification page for each material.

I want to modify pre-packed 3D and 2D materials for my game.

You can modify pre-packed models or drawings and use them for SMILE GAME BUILDER. However, models, illustrations, music and all other materials included in the software are under our company’s property, so we strictly prohibit using them on the other things, such as blogs, own applications, and other game making software and so forth. (You can upload your screenshots and movies.)
If you are planning to redistribute modified data to other SMILE GAME BUILDER users, please make sure to include our company’s copy rights in “ReadMe” text file and games.

Copy Rights Information:
© SmileBoom Co.Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

Can I use these pre-packaged assets with other companies’ game development tools?

You cannot use them with game development tools of other companies.
However, the various assets included in SMILE GAME BUILDER can be used within our tools, but we do not guarantee the compatibility of the various assets between products and tools.
Users who purchased SMILE GAME BUILDER Exporter for Unity (“Exporter for Unity”) may use various assets on Unity, which is provided by Unity Technologies, in addition to SMILE GAME BUILDER but are prohibited from using them on any other game development tools. In addition, use of various assets is restricted to within the games generated with Exporter for Unity.
Please note that other assets included in the DLCs are subject to the terms of use of each DLC.

Can I use my game for websites and movies?

We allow you to use your own games for advertising purpose only.

About Own Produced Games

Can I sell my games to the public?

There is no restriction to distribute your games which made by this software. Moreover, there will be no royalties or individual license required.
However, our company will not take full responsibility for any problems from distributing, selling and/or contents themselves that you might encounter from your game.

Can I make applications for mobile devices such as Android and/or iOS?

This version of SMILE GAME BUILDER cannot produce them at this moment.

Can I make an app for the Nintendo Switch™?

SMILE GAME BUILDER itself cannot be used to create them, but the optional “SMILE GAME BUILDER Exporter for Unity” DLC will allow you to do so. However, there are additional requirements for production, so please contact us through the “Contact Us” page. Click here to visit the Steam page for SMILE GAME BUILDER Exporter for Unity.

About Usage of Movie Share and Broadcasting Service

Can I make SMILE GAME BUILDER game plays?

Yes, you can. However, our company will not take full responsibility for any problems caused by them.

Can I upload screenshots for my blog?

Yes, you can upload them.

About the Trial Version

Can I distribute my game created with the Trial Version?

No, you cannot distribute your game made by the Trial Version.

Is it possible to continue working on my trial version data to the production release?

Absolutely. The production release can read data from the trial version.

About Purchasing

What is Steam?

It is one of online PC game distributer. You can purchase any kinds of major games to indie games with ease.

Do I need to have a credit card to purchase it from Steam?

You can use PayPal, bank transfer, Pay-easy, and Steam Wallet Code, besides credit cards.

Can I buy it from other service, other than Steam?

For now, it is only from Steam. However, we’re currently preparing to extend the market.

About DLC (Download Contents)

Can I sell games using DLC materials such as music and 3D models?

It’ based on terms and conditions license agreement for each DLC.

About Unity

Are there any user restrictions for preset materials such as 3D models, 2D graphics and music?

If you use both SMILE GAME BUILDER and Exporter for Unity, there is no restriction.

I cannot run the Unity project which was exported from SMILE GAME BUILDER.

When the exported data from SMILE GAME BUILDER is loaded immediately after Unity activation, the import function of Unity may not work and various data may not be loaded correctly. On the Project Asset, right-click and select “reimport All” to reimport the data.

Troubleshooting after Updates

SMILE GAME BUILDER doesn’t launch.

You can try several things from the Steam Client.

1) Clear Download Cache
2) Verify the application files
Launch Steam Client > right-click “SMILE GAME BUILDER” > Properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity of Application files
3) Uninstall/Reinstall SGB
Launch Steam Client > right-click “SMILE GAME BUILDER” > Properties > Local Files > Uninstall Application