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These are SMILE GAME BUILDER made games which are playable, unpublished, under development, experiments and so on. You can see what other users are making with SMILE GAME BUILDER!

Paradox Escape Route

A small crew of 8 are sent to explore the arctic depths of Mars as they discover something highly radio-active and living frozen in the lake bed below. The discovery of the amoeba begins to interfere with the A.I and the eventually persuade the logic of most electronic devices which leaves the crew to pursue an escape back to Earth.

  Developer: DKC Game Studio


The main character is a spirit of the wind who lodged in a high-tech-cute-girl android. She took the body because she wants to prevent a man who made this android from leaving this town. However, he feels it was deprived, so he demands a production cost of it from a longtime development. She tries to make some money by mini-games and interaction with others. There are many fun essences in the story. Check out the cute illustrations and 3D materials, too!

  Developer: spice+×offoffo

Bell and Chloe

This world needs a God’s agent in order to endure the world. Bell has become the agent and his memory is vague since then. However, he has dim memories of ex-girlfriend, Chloe, and he chooses her to be his fiancée. In 25 days, he has to accomplish the missions of finishing the Three Trial Towers and spend time with his fiancée peaceably. It’s up to the player, asking her sincerely or deceiving her.

  Developer: Tanacchi

Dreighnhart: Where Dreams Fade

A young lass named Sable, her dream is to build her own tavern at a beautiful beach. But a witch and a vast array of demon slayers try to get in her way! Let powerful women join the party and fight those enemies!

  Developer: Maplesappy

Shadow Fear Path to Insanity

It’s a FPS survival horror game! You are Nathan, an journalist covers mysterious unresolved cases, who searches for his missing young sister. It’s up to you to survive and save his sister!

  Developer: Wathitdew Record


The president of KamaKama who came from an unknown planet made people of a peaceful town transform into Punk Rock Aliens! This is an adventure of three boys who live in Luluca Town to save people.

  Developer: Snufkin Papa

Deymoun – The Traveling Mercenary –

A traveling Mercenary, Deymoun, with one thing on his mind: money. But after dredging through some mines for the past two days, and no money to his name, he needs somewhere to find some rest and food.

After picking up a small job at the nearby village of Lianza, he’s just about ready to call it a night before he hears an odd sound that he needs to investigate.

  Developer:  Jacob Mann


The story line with unique characters and investigating dungeons are entertaining. The dream world and real world intertwine in the RPG story!

  Developer:  Golmont

Tale of Legends

It’s the Godless era – new legends will be made by human… It’s a legend story later called the Crusade.

  Developer:  As-key

Programming Quiz Adventure

It’s a quiz game produced by Nikkei Software Editorial Department. You can learn some programming by playing this game.

 Developer: Nikkei Software Editorial Department / Nobuhiko Yoshimura / SmileBoom