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About SMILE GAME BUILDER Trial Version

SMILE GAME BUILDER Trial Version will give you exciting experiences and following functions as same as the production release! By experiencing this trial version brings you possibilities to check if this product suits your game making needs or it can be installed on your computer before you purchase.

These are the features of this trial version as follow:

– You can try to create 3D maps as same as the production release!
– All the Event Template can help you to create games!
– All the Particle Effects can be used!
– The game files which were created in the trial version could be handed over to the production release!
– You can play, edit and rebuild the pre-packaged trial sample game! Continue working on it in the production release!
– A multiview camera system is loaded! Let’s see the world of SMILE GAME BUILDER from every angle!

Let’s continue creating your world in the production release!

After you get used to create your own world with this trial version, you’ll probably encounter with your thoughts like, "I want to make bigger scenes for my adventure! " or "I want to use some download contents!" and so on. The saved files of the trial version could be handed over to the production release, so please enjoy the trial version until you are satisfied!

How to Install SMILE GAME BUILDER Trial Version

You need to create an account at STEAM in order to play the trial version.

  1. If you don’t have an account with STEAM, please obtain it first by accessing STEAM official website. And follow the instruction.
  2. After you’ve successfully created your account, please download the "STEAM Client" and install it to your PC.
  3. After the installation is done, launch the Client and use your account information to log in.
  4. From "Store Search" in the window of the Client, type in "SMILE GAME BUILDER"; or click this link , to visit our SMILE GAME BUILDER store page.
  5. Downloading starts when you click the "Download demo" icon.
  6. After finished downloading, choose LIBRARY > SOFTWARE, then the trial version of SMILE GAME BUILDER will be displayed.
  7. If you click the LAUNCH icon, the set-up starts. When the set-up finishes, the software will automatically start.

SMILE GAME BUILDER – The Specification of the Trial Version

  1. The "Create Public Game Data" function is unavailable in this trial release.

    SMILE GAME BUILDER can output your finished products into autorun format files for people to play who don’t have SMILE GAME BUILDER. However, this trial version is limiting this function.

    *The users can use the "Create Public Game Data" function without any restriction in the production release.

  2. Our official logos will be displayed in the beginning of Test Plays.

    When you operate Test Plays on the Editor, our official logos, SmileBoom and SMILE GAME BUILDER, will be displayed before the main title shows up.

    * The logos are only displayed in the trial version.

  3. There is a limitation for adding new maps and changing the map sizes.

    One game data can contain five maps for each. Addition of maps is unavailable. Moreover, the map sizes are all fixed for certain sizes.

  4. The use of the "Add Assets" function is restricted.

    The pre-packaged materials are ready to use for the trial version. However, original 2D, 3D materials and music are restricted from importing into the software.

    *The users can import original materials in the production release.

  5. The number of pre-packaged materials is modified for the trial version.

    There is a minimum amount of useful graphics and music materials necessary for game making.

    *The users can use all the pre-packaged materials in the production release.

  6. The trial period of this version is 30 days from the activation day.

    If it is already past 30 days of trial period from the activation day, the software will fail to start up.

    *The production release of SMILE GAME BUILDER can read saved files of the trial version.