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Exploring RPG with 3D Battle Demonstration

『Josephine the Sheep – Town Walking –』 Creator: Sana & Shun @SmileBoom


Josephine the Sheep is a girl sheep who likes visiting and walking around towns. She will talk to animal people in the town and get to know them. This is a sample game that you can see what SMILE GAME BUILDER can do. We made this game from scratch and it took about three months to finish. We barely had a knowledge of what “variables” and “local switches” are, but once you understand how those event panels work, (they’re click-and-place-no-coding-commands), it is very easy to create a game even you’re a totally beginner of making games.

The playtime will be about 10-15 minutes and you cannot save the data; simply because it’s short! 😀


Main Characters

◆Josephine the Sheep

She is a female sheep wearing Hakase T-shirt. (Hakase is a president of SmileBoom.)


She is a rabbit girl who likes her classmate.


She is a secretary the town of the Mayor.

◆The latest virtual reality machine

You can play VR world and see the new feature of 3D battles!


Sana & Shun @SmileBoom

How to Download the Game

Click the button below to begin download “” and unzip it in any folder on your PC.

How to Start the Game

After unzip the file, there’ll be “sgb_rpgplayer(.exe)” under “Josephine-the-Sheep_pub-Eng”. To run, double-click it.