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SMILE GAME BUILDER Sample Game SGB Quest– Find the Legendary Treasure –

This is a sample game made by SMILE GAME BUILDER. We’d like you to know how this SMILE GAME BUILDER is capable of. It is a nice example and an easy method for you to experience the world of SMILE GAME BUILDER! We only used the basic templates of the system to make this sample game. Someone who is completely new to game making would definitely understand how easy this game making would be with this software. Please play it through!

Preparation to Play the Game  How to Install

1. After you download "" from the URL above, unzip the file into a folder.

2. Inside of the folder, there is an icon called “sgb_rpgplayer” and double-click it to start the game.

Basic Operations

Hotkeys for the Keyboard

For the Controller (*Neet to be Xinput Corresponded Controller)